All around the world, several sectors have felt the shockwaves of the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The clothing industry is one of the sectors that took a hard hit. The global COVID-19 pandemic affected the sector on every level, from big retailers to private label clothing manufacturing companies. Clothing production has decreased around the world, and both large corporations and many private label apparel manufacturer faced tremendous challenges. Chinese, Bangladeshi, and several other Asian manufacturers are the ones most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clothing Manufacturing During The Covid -19 Pandemic | Dora Giyim

As one of the world’s biggest ones, the Turkish clothing industry had to endure serious drawbacks, too. Around 80% of the clothing and textile manufacturing in Turkey stopped during the first months of the pandemic. However, since the first wave of the pandemic reached an end in June, the industry started to stand on its feet again, making a powerful comeback. The reason behind Turkey’s increasing importance in the global apparel industry is highly linked with the Chinese clothing industry’s decline. Turkey is representing itself as one of the potential hubs for clothing production. For example, at the beginning of March, Turkish many private label apparel manufacturer companies and textile makers experienced a spike in orders. But, during April and May 2020, they had to halt the production to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since June, the Turkish private label clothing manufacturing industry is getting stronger.

Even before the pandemic, Turkey has been one of the world's largest suppliers and 3rd biggest supplier to the EU. Turkey has several advantages that make it one of the biggest private label clothing manufacturers globally, such as its close and strong relations with European clothing brands, cotton manufacturing, human resources, the use of advanced technologies in manufacturing, and so on. DORA Giyim embodies all the necessary properties to be one of the pioneers in Turkish private label clothing manufacturing.


As DORA Giyim, we are one of the private label shirt manufacturers that survived the harshest days of the COVID-19 pandemic with minimum damage. Thanks to our dedication to manufacturing high-quality shirts using the advanced private label apparel manufacturing technologies before the pandemic, we were already a step ahead of the many in the industry.

The young and dynamic management of DORA Giyim was highly skilled enough to manage to get through the challenging days. Our management’s ability to make the necessary decisions quickly without hesitation helped us to prosper during the pandemic. Moreover, the strong financial structure of DORA Giyim enabled us to navigate through dark times successfully. Most importantly, we always put our employees' health and safety in the first place while making decisions. We show great care on how our private label apparel manufacturing processes affect our employees. We show the same care for the safety and health of our customers, too.

When the private label clothing manufacturing sector completely stopped at the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, we acted shoulder to shoulder with our customers. We made decisions that worked both for us and our customers and managed the process together. We are continuing to do so at every step of the way. All in all, we take pride in our control over the pandemic and how we become one of the thriving private label shirt manufacturer companies.

We aim to be one of the renowned private label clothing manufacturer companies in the world, specifically in Europe. We know this is our time to achieve our dreams since Turkey is turning into a leading global clothing manufacturing hub. We are here to design, create, and manufacture shirts for your private label to take it to the next level, regardless of wherever you are located.

As a private label shirt manufacturer, our services include shirt design, shirt production, accessories development, shirt sampling, and logistics & transportation. At each step of the way, we follow the innovations and technological developments in the private label apparel manufacturing industry and take every necessary protection in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience in private label clothing manufacturing, we quickly and successfully adapted to the new world. Let's take a look at how our services benefit our customers while facing the COVID-19 pandemic.


As we mentioned above, we offer our customers a wide range of services in private label shirt manufacturing. Our virtual sampling and digital collection services are the ones that stand out the most during the pandemic. We know the apparel industry is changing, and digitalization is the key to keep up. That is why, we are one of the dedicated followers of the latest technologies in private label clothing manufacturing, we offer 2D or 3D virtual sampling for shirt collections.

During the pandemic, we know shipping can be problematic for every sector; especially for the private label clothing manufacturing sector since time is an important element of clothing production. There can be long delays because of the heavy workload the shipping companies face. However, you don’t need to wait for a courier to bring the physical samples of shirt design. With virtual sampling, the shirt samples are available for you wherever you are. You have the ability to see the shirt sampling in 2D or 3D formats on a screen wherever you are. The virtual sampling enables you to observe the shirt design with different sizes, colors, and shirt fabrics alternatives. Thanks to virtual sampling during the pandemic, designers, brand managers, and production department workers don’t need to be in the same room during the design process. They can change ideas about the shirt designs and see countless alternative designs regardless of their location.

Creating a digital shirt collection is a new trend in the clothing industry. Creating a digital shirt collection has always been beneficial, not just during the global pandemic. The digital collection of shirts can be created using virtual sampling technology.

You can always reach us for more detailed information on our services, such as virtual sampling to the production of workwear and corporate shirts. Don’t forget to take a look at our blog for learning more about the developments in private label clothing manufacturing.


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