The technology behind our expert digital fabric printing and our wealth of experience allows us to print almost any design on virtually any fabric. We have suppliers around Turkey that incorporate the newest digital printing technologies and finest machinery in their work so we have the highest quality shirts for you down to the finest detail. Our suppliers invest in fully automated digital printing systems and utilize the current state of the art equipment and advanced digital printing applications.

digital fabric printing

Design Features for Digital Fabric Printing

Variety with fabric patterns and layered printing options enable designs applied to be more complex and make it possible to apply your desired patterns on to fabric more quickly and accurately, and productions run with more speed and consistency. Please see our “Latest on Shirt Production Technologies” post for more information about the technologies we use to bring you the best shirts.

Enliven and personalise your collection further with our printing services to best support your design versatility through vibrant and dynamic colours, with the freedom to create more intricate prints and high reliability of pattern with almost no limitations on design and colour for optimal depth and contrast.

Customized digital fabric printing can be applied through the use of patterns created digitally by means of almost any type of graphic design software, or your own artwork and/or photographs can be digitally manipulated to form a pattern of your desire thanks to the ever morphing world of technology. We are aware that it is of utmost importance for you to have exclusive prints and/or patterns for your collection so your label can stand out from the rest. Be it a newly established line or an already existing label that wishes to enter new markets, we can help your label to be noticed through the highest quality digital printing and shirt making.


Freedom of Digital Reflection

Digital fabric printing gives you creative freedom so your designs can be adjusted in real time which allows design flexibility, speedy process and production run. You have the control of how your designs, patterns and prints will manifest themselves on your chosen fabric.

Although the type of ink used may vary as they are specifically formulated for each type of fibre, digital printing can be used to print on any type of fabric; from naturally produced fabrics like cotton to artificially created fabrics such as polyester.

Our digital fabric printing service has two stages. First is the strike off which is the colour matching process and takes a week to be completed, and the second is the sampling stage that takes two weeks. We are always happy to discuss your ideas and what we can offer you and embrace your creative side in order to achieve the best results and bring your ideas to life for a high end look and feel.

We are your solution station for all your exclusive print and pattern design, and digital fabric printing needs.

We would love to know more to see how we may be of help to you so please feel free to contact us via our get in touch form. Alternatively you are always welcome to visit us anytime...