Do you make private design fabrics?
Yes we do. You have the option to bring your own ideas and requests for your desired fabric,
or we will design exclusively for you.
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Can we place an order in 100% organic cotton fabric?
Yes, you can. We are able to make many different types of fabric design with organic cotton
upon request from our customers.

Do you have cetrification?
Yes, we have the necessary certifications in line with international regulations.
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Do you have BSCI?
Yes, our company meets all the requirements of the BSCI audit.
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Do you have BCI?
Yes, our company meets all the requirements of the BCI audit.
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What is MOQ?
350 pcs.

Do you also do women’s shirts?
Yes we do but only women’s casual and business shirts.

Do you also do children's shirts?
Yes we do.

What services do you offer and what is the pricing based on?
We provide our customers with a full production and manufacturing service from A to Z. Our services include custom collection designs based on customer moodboards, fabric design & development, manufacturing, production and logistics. We also accommodate all types of washing, dyeing and processing techniques. Additionally, we have alternative solution options for shipment.
We prefer to offer finished garment price FOB (including fabric, design, branding, production).

Do you supply non iron fabric?
Yes, we do. We have our own unique non iron process.
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What are your options for labeling and branding?
The artwork for the branding can be provided by you the customer or we can present a storyboard of our branding items for inspiration and to better see your options, such as label weaving type and quality, weight of paper to be used and thickness of hang tags. We provide embroidered options, too.
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What is your bulk order potential for a new business?
We suggest a production quantity of 600 – 800 shirts in 1 – 2 styles.

Can you make suggestions for our collection lines?
Yes, we can once we see your tech-packs and details like fabric selections and colours. Then we can suggest alternative design ideas from our fabric archives or create exclusively for you.
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Do you provide your size measurement specs?
Yes, we have tech specifications and measurements and we will provide you with pattern and size specifications for each shirt style.

Do you provide options on custom design ideas?
Yes, we do. To provide you with new ideas and design options we would need to know your target market (business, casual etc.) and the fabrics you choose to work with (cotton, denim, tencel, etc.). Once we have this information we can offer you new designs and stylings in line with your brand’s identity.
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What kind of shipping methods do you offer?
We offer a combination of shipping methods depending on your needs.
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What is the time frame for a production sample?
While the time frame is again dependant on the complexity of your design and the number of samples you require, it will take minimum one week to see a particular shirt design as a sample. We can also provide solution alternatives at the sample stage like 3D virtual sampling service.
Click here to read our ‘Shirt Sample Production for Your Private Label’ post on our website for more information.

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What is the cost of sampling?
Cost of a sample can be between 2x to 5x the cost of production depending on the specific requirements of your designs.

What is your quality control procedure?
It is our priority to provide our customers with the highest quality products therefore quality control is an essential part of our production process from start to finish, and it is applied at different levels of production so that problems are eliminated as and when they occur.

How can I check the status of my order?
We are aware of how important it is to know what stage your order is at any given time, so to make it easier for you we have in place an online Customer Service platform on our website where you can log in with your username and password to check at what stage your order is whenever you need.

What is your pricing based on for an all inclusive fabric design & production
and shirt design & production services?

We can only provide you with pricing when we have more information about your potential order. We will need to see your tech-packs so we can supply accurate pricing depending on the details of your design, fabric choices and construction requirements. Your order quantities and timeframes will also need to be taken into account for pricing.

How do I place an order?
Before the customer places an order their collection or fabric choices are determined. After this we provide a sampling and pricing work to decide on the costs. Once the time frame and pricing are in place, the next step is the order stage.
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How long does it typically take to complete an order?
Depending on the quantity of your order, specific requirements of your designs and fabric supply times, it takes between 4 - 12 weeks to complete an order.

How does the process of fabric design, fabric production
and final shirt production work?

We have 4 years’ (8 seasons’) worth of fabric collection in our archives where the customers can choose from for their own collections. Alternatively if the customer provides us with their own styles, themes, colours, etc. we can supply them with painted yarn and printed fabrics uniquely designed for them.
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What are your payment terms?
We take %30 of the payment upfront and the rest before shipment.

Can we visit your factory and showroom?
Yes, you can. Please make an appointment one week in advance.

Can we see examples of your products?
Click here to see some of our products.

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