We provide our customers with a comprehensive service where we arrange all the details of logistic solutions from our factory to the customer’s warehouse thanks to our huge network of very experienced forwarders. We provide customized solutions embracing all aspecst of logistics and transportation, so our customers have no concerns with the delivery and forwarding issues.

Fashion is an industry that is always on the move and we understand deadlines and shifting schedules so we work to make things smoother for you by providing you with efficient and integrated logistic solutions worldwide in an innovative and professional manner in line with our impeccable quality standards.

Logistic Solutions As Our Competitive Advantage

logistic transportation

Timing is crucial so DORA ensures that your product is at the right place just in time as promised. You can always count on the knowledge and professionalism our company possesses in logistic solutions regardless of the size of your business. To ensure that we meet our customers' time sensitive needs we choose the most suitable method of transportation.

We can offer combinations of shipping methods depending on your needs, the volume of your order and the urgency required. We secure the best and the most cost efficient logistic service deals, and  depending on your schedule and timing requirements we can offer ground, air and/or ocean transportation options. If you palced a low order with us there is also the option of working with international delivery companies such as DHL or Fedex for the fastest delivery of your products to their ultimate locations.

One of the most significant competitive advantages of our company and a major influence on high customer satisfaction is its effective management of logistic and transportation.

We work with you to determine the most cost effecient option by contacting the logistic suppliers you currently work with, if any, and compare costs by presenting you with a list of price comparisons to choose from.

The overall customer experience is a priority for us so an efficient order tracking system is one of the key components we possess to show the importance we place on customer service. We provide a way for our customers to track the status of their order online at any given time.

Once you place your order you can check its status through our CUSTOMER SERVICE platform which provides you with precise tracking of your order from placing your order to transportation and  to right up until it arrives at your door.