Since the beginning of modern time, being different is the only option to shine through the black and white world and leave a mark. We as DORA are always looking for innovative and new ideas for our shirt lines. Through our ongoing research, we always try to find inspiring and modern ideas for our current product lines. We are always after the new creations and concepts.
miami coast inspiration
For our latest lines we are approaching the tropical and coastal styles. Being original was and still is very important for the individual, so we create with the variety of colours and luxury the perfect style for the purpose. We are a shirt manufacturer who is highly aware that creativity and originality are of utmost importance for customer satisfaction, our designers work hard day and night to design the kind of uniqueness that will shine through the crowd.

Feel Unique in What You Wear!

Our inspiration is the city of Miami; the nirvana of diversity and extraordinary. The first thing that comes to mind about the Miami Coast is the beaches that stretch long and wide, the palm lined shores, vibrant people and the beautiful city with all of its charisma. Our design team worked with these emotions and the lifestyle of the Miami Coast to create something special for our customers.

All this combined results in a relaxed and comfortable yet stylish trends in shirts that work even for the surf-ready look. Contrasting textures, prints and tropical colour themes are especially relevant, so they are quite important aspects in our creation process.

Miami’s beach huts and historic houses have been a part of our inspiration during the design process which allowed us to create the unique which in turn will make every wearer feel like our shirt was designed especially for them. Individualist design is the new black & white!


Comfort and Luxury at Your Service!

Being colourful and extraordinary is the main aim of our new product line; at the same time adding a vision of luxury in order to create something luxurious that is wearable all day. We created carefully crafted styles and looks to form comfortable yet elegant Miami Coast inspired looks.

These creations will make you think of the dusky sunsets and cool tranquil seas. Inspired by the sea, beach and joy; we tried to capture the ambiance and conveyed it into something wearable. Delicately washed canvases, luminous stone colours elevate our core and commercial collections. Our product line does not only let the customers feel young and refreshed, but also adds a sparkle of luxury to it. It is perfect for everyone who wants to balance the everyday look with the haute couture.

Let it shine and look luxurious!