As one of the best private label shirt manufacturers, we believe our shirts are unique in so many aspects, exuding a perfect mix of timeless elegance and state of the art manufacturing techniques, resulting in a high end product that is appreciated with its crafting and attention to detail.

We comfortably meet the demands of a diverse range of clients from around the world while maintaining our standards of excellence in delivering luxury and elegance. This ever ongoing quest for perfection and excellency, visible in each of our shirts, has allowed us to work with some of the most renowned brands and fabric suppliers in Turkey. We always establish long lasting, reliable business relations with our partners.


private label shirt manufacturers

Our company aims to become one of the most sought after private label shirt manufacturers in Europe and worldwide. We design, create and manufacture for your private label, with the option of low orders. Bring your label, and choose your shirt accessories either from the wide range we have available or we will design for you uniquely to fit the philosophy of your brand. Private label is our specialty and we will serve your interests with the highest definition of quality.

Private labelling makes it possible to create your very own unique image that leads to stronger recognition. We serve to individualize your label within the industry by providing innovative design and development from scratch to manufacturing and logistics, to take your brand to the next level by customizing and solidifying your label with our increasingly sophisticated and affordable private label service.

Not only do we provide our customers with the most sophisticated custom shirt production concepts for their private label but we bring out the potential in their shirt collection lines. We will build your brand from the idea stage to the high end finished product to your satisfaction. We have our own state of the art manufacturing facilities and production lines that make it possible for a quick turnaround time on shirt sample as well as the whole manufacturing and production times. We support you with design, manufacturing and production solutions every step of the process.

We can also provide solution alternatives at the sample stage like 3D VIRTUAL SAMPLING service.

Each shirt passes through our strict, highly qualified quality control units at each step of manufacturing and production to make sure that it meets the desired quality standards, and the stated specifications and preferences. Our brand continues to stand out from the crowd of global shirt manufacturers.

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We will transform your ideas into expressions of your brand’s personal style for a custom collection. You can either bring us your collection at hand, or if you prefer you can provide mood boards and colour palettes and bring your ideas to us so we can design a sure fire collection from scratch for you that will be the ultimate expression of your private label.

shirt fabric design developmentFABRIC DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT

Shirt fabric is the most powerful aspect of our company. We provide various types of fabrics and fabric materials, and a comprehensive fabric development service according to your needs and requests. We update our vision with regular visits to trade fairs around the world mastering all the latest technical skills to design and create the thread, the yarn, the weave and the pattern for the best fabric feel and the ultimate expression of your shirt collection.


Communicate the power of your private label through the visual representation of branding and shirt accessories we source especially for you from our reputable local suppliers, or if you wish from a supplier of your choosing. Artistic integrity lies with a focus on the visual aspects of a collection so to bring this to life you will see an extensive archive of shirt accessories with brand new additions every week at DORA showrooms to complement your shirt collections.

shirt productionSHIRT PRODUCTION

With an increased shirt production capacity every year DORA aims to become the market leader in private label shirt manufacturing. We provide the highest quality fabric development service as per our customers’ requests, as well as a comprehensive archive of shirt fabric and shirt accessories. Our diverse customer base from all corners of the world inspires us to seek new avenues in production technologies, and for innovative and authentic ideas. We supply a fast shirt sample service with consistency in high quality.


We provide a complete logisticservice supplemented by an all inclusive customer service platform where you can check the status of your order any time through a password protected system. We work to make things smoother for you with our prominent forwarders. We are one of the most progressive shirt manufacturers in the world and we will continue to innovate and bring you the services you deserve.