We ensure production of all branding materials and shirt accessories to make your products unique for the desired visual representation you wish to achieve, through providing a unique service by assuming responsibility for their designs and productions locally, so that it brings out your company’s personality and sense of fashion in its true character.


shirt accessories branding

We present you with brand new ideas, defining and designing buttons, tapes, special leather and/or metal tags, snap fasteners and numerous types of packaging materials in various colours and designs; and printed, woven, embroidered and any other brand labels of your choice; and for how and where on the product the accessory and the branding will be used for an additional touch of class and style to your shirts.

Some of the examples of the kinds of branding materials and accessories we can provide you with include hang tags, embroidery applications of your brand’s name or logo on your shirts, monograms, engraved buttons with your logo and woven labels, to properly reflect your company’s fashion flair as these will provide a unique way to express a certain style and make your shirts truly unique. We know that correct accessories and the graphic elements are the key to creating your company's unique and personal fashion sense.


Several different types of accessories are available to choose from our archive of accessories that will be suitable for your collection at hand, and for the purpose of your products, and we can modify the accessories chosen according to your product needs and requests. You may just be after functionality or the best visual representation of your product, either way DORA can make it happen with its expert finishing options to satisfy your quality objectives with the use of premium materials.

shirt accessories branding

We work with our reputable local suppliers with proven experience to bring our customers the best visual representation of their product for branding elements, shirt accessories and packaging materials. In addition to this, we will have no problem importing any branding materials and/or shirt accessories if our customer prefers to work with specific suppliers in Europe.

We can accommodate all your branding and accessory requests with a unique and on trend viewpoint at the highest quality and speed you require for the specific image you cater for.

Accessories are an important part of a shirt and the details that give it its character. We appreciate the value and the unique characteristic the accessories and branding materials bring to the product. We apply the latest accessory design technologies influenced by the current fashion trends and styles to give your products an exceptional finish.

We are passionate at what we do and this is reflected on the details and the quality of our shirts. Accessories are invaluable elements that enrich the aesthetics of a shirt. DORA accessories and branding helps show the quality, dedication and the details that has gone into making your shirts. We finish your shirts the right way to give it a professional quality.