DORA prepars its own collection once every six months, staying in vogue with the latest trends. A process of constantly evolving, finding and creating new products with pleasure. Every week you will see brand new shirt design concepts and new shirt accessories at DORA showrooms.

Newly established shirt brands with intentions of entering new markets, and brands that want to bring a fresh approach to their long established companies can make the most of these collections and our original ideas for their private label. It is important for us that you make an impact with your collection. We also design unique collections from scratch as per your request, enveloping all stages of the process that is necessary to introduce a shirt design collection that makes a strong statement to accurately represent you.


shirt design collectionWe can design well thought out custom collections based on the mood boards and colour palettes provided by our customers which is found to be a very appealing aspect of our company. We take into account the overview of the whole company that we work with to spot new areas of growth with an awareness of new fashion trends. Our teams of highly professional design, manufacturing and distribution units operate efficiently to realise your brand development or brand extension needs and requests in a timely manner, as we are aware that time is of the essence in our industry.

Fresh ideas are interpreted considering the season and the markets and manufactured to the desired quality standards. We support our customers with new and innovative ideas for concepts such as labelling, shirt accessories, different folding ideas, new embroidery and printing techniques and with all the stages required for design and development.

Creativity should constantly be nourished as it is pivotal to achieving originality in design. Our design office nurtures creativity, and individual style is emphasized on every step of the process while keeping the identity of your existing products alive; or a unique identity is developed, on demand, for your new product line. You will have shirt designs in keeping with the philosophy and the aesthetics of your brand while keeping abreast of current fashion trends.


shirt design collection

We have knowledge, experience and the production lines to manufacture any type of shirt fabric and shirt design the customer requests; dress shirts, casual, semi casual, weekend, groom yacht crew shirts are but a few examples of what we can do for you, all with required features added to the design as per your request.

Appealing to your target audience is paramount for success. We provide specialist expertise essential to producing innovative designs by applying ever evolving new working methods to our tasks at hand. Enhancing and incorporating our knowledge of the industry with our commitment to quality.

Highly professional management and technical team responsible for design, manufacturing and logistic solutions are at work to make sure our customers receive the highest quality service possible always at the right time as promised.

When developing a collection, time is of the essence. We start the manufacturing process as soon as your order is finalized. We provide you with a fast shirt sample service and a complete follow up service of your order from manufacturing to shipment and to delivery to your door.