shirt fabric design

The most powerful aspect of DORA is its exclusive shirt fabric design and development services. We design, develop and manufacture fabrics of any type to customer specifications at the highest level of quality.

You have the possibility of ordering in low quantities, with the option of manufacturing fabrics from scratch even for low orders. We develop any form of shirt fabric with no limitation on pattern, colour or texture together with our suppliers in Turkey. 95% of our suppliers are local and the remaining 5% is from a number of suppliers around Europe.

We get requests for shirt fabrics with various specifications on density, blend, yarn and yarn quality, type of weave and pattern of weave from our customers, so we provide custom fabric designs for the colour schemes, patterns and weaves that are appropriate for their particular type of fabric order.

We translate the latest trends into custom fabric designs and manufacture different alternatives accordingly. Our comprehensive fabric library is updated every month. You can choose from over 10,000 different fabric options to create your own collection.


shirt fabric design

There are some important points to consider when manufacturing shirt fabric such as the kinds of yarns to be used or the kinds of weave to use for the desired effect. How would you like your fabric to feel?

We make our customers’ collections unique with our wide range of fabrics. We are able to develop fabrics of several types such as printed, painted yarn, jacquard woven; and types of fabric materials can be 100% cotton or cotton blends like cotton poly, cotton elastane or tencel etc. One of our strong points in fabric development is our unique non iron fabric treatment process. In addition, we provide the silky finish and easy care finishing processes that render the fabrics fit for the particular use and feel our customers are after for their end products.

The search for new techniques, material and colour combinations is an ongoing quest for our company to supply you with affordable, high quality shirt fabric palettes for your new and existing collection lines.

New techniques developed are used to test for performance, like the tearing strength and abrasion resistance. Our company executes all aspects of fabric design and development, manufacturing, production and logistics for you - a fully integrated shirt manufacturing service.

Highly experienced design team works in depth with each of our customers to develop the patterns, colours and fabrics in line with the character of their private label.


shirt fabric design

Quality of the materials used to construct a fabric determines the quality of the overall fabric and thus effects the function of the end product which in this case is the shirt. We can establish for you the kinds of fibres the fabric should be made of or the kinds of thread or yarns to be woven together for the desired effect you are after.

We work to realize each of our customers’ definition of style by constantly innovating in fabric design and development and bring you the world’s finest fabrics at competitive costs with no compromise on quality.

Staying in the current of latest innovations with what is happening in the world of fabric production and always up to date with the rapidly changing trends.