It is very important to consider various options when choosing a shirt manufacturer as how a manufacturer operates their business will naturally have a direct affect on all aspects of your work and ensure the success of your private labelQuality assurance is a huge factor in choosing a prospective shirt manufacturer when building your own private label around your product. We provide a fully factored service that includes shirt manufacturing with design and product development, shirt fabric design and development, shirt accessories and trimmings, etc. We are a manufacturer that will suit your needs. We aim to provide as transparent a service as possible with no accommodation for surprizes.

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Quality Promise of Your Shirt Manufacturer

A lot of the business relationship is about trust and finding reliable solutions when and if there is an issue. You should be presented with sound reliable explanations in case of any setbacks. We approach issues with a proactive stance and a professional manner for every action that needs to be taken, if any. Effective communication and transparency throughout the whole business relationship are valuable aspects in our industry and we accommodate these virtues in our company, including a transparency in pricing so you will know what you are paying for and when every step of the way.

We have the experience of producing the shirts you want made using the materials you wish to make them with. We work with you through the entire development process including the initial design to technical details. Each of our teams are extremely experienced in their respective fields. We provide you with the highest quality design, manufacturing and logistic solutions with realistic schedules and deadlines and a speedy delivery. It is a full package production service for your private label and shirt collections.

Of course a product is never complete without the last finishing touches that have been agreed upon and it is important to make sure that your order is labelled with the required labelling materials, and that it includes all marketing materials requested by you and finally that it is packed adequately before despatch.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are able to achieve all possible results with the expertise of our competent stuff, and the latest technological infrastructure we accommodate enables us to speed up the design and manufacturing processes thus exceeding our customer expectations and to guide their label in a forward motion together with a full understanding of the fashion industry and market demands.

The exceptional shirt sample service we provide will meet the standards you desire and any issues will be addressed quickly and appropriately. We will always be happy to talk about our services and answer any questions you may have.

Our customers have the option of working with a low minimum order quantity with us, but with our extensive manufacturing and production capacities they are able to scale up their production at any time when they need to with no compromise on quality. We are a company that balances quality, cost and speed everytime as promised, committed to always manufacturing exceptional shirts that meet the highest standards our customers desire, regardless of quantity.

We quality control our shirts from the start of manufacture to completion. It is not the best strategy to quality control a product at the end of production rather it is important that the quality control is done at each stage of manufacturing and production to make sure all the parts of a shirt are functioning properly. Our effective quality control system immensely reduces the risk of faulty parts and defective components. Each stage of our manufacturing and production processes are thoroughly monitored to ensure high standards of craftsmanship and quality are applied. We are proud with our ethical working conditions for the labour force behind us, working with higher labour standards for higher manufacturing quality, and respecting the environment we follow all international environmental standards.

We are at an advantageous and strategic location geographically and being closer to your shirt manufacturer will make you feel more in control of your brand development and brand extension needs. We handle the logistic, timeline and shipping solutions for you, unless you request otherwise, by providing a variety of shipping methods according to your needs.

We would love to know more to see how we may be of help to you so please feel free to contact us via our get in touch form. Alternatively you are welcome to visit us anytime.

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