Application of technological growth is in the nature of every business or it will not stand the test of time. Automation and software continually change the operational processes in every enterprise, including in all elements of the fashion industry which is already invariably eager to entertain newer and better ideas and innovations in its realm. We keep abreast of these advancement by following current trade fairs worldwide, through regular web research on current developments, and through our ever growing extensive supplier portfolio to provide our customers with the highest quality shirt available.

shirt production technologies

Shirt Manufacturing and Production

Machines are ever evolving into technologically more advanced versions of the previous as our industry becomes extremely technological and digitally focused. Everything is moving quicker and more precise each and every day. We continuously invest in the latest technologies at every stage of our business from trendwatching to the design department and down to the manufacturing and shirt production, for the required speed and consistency in our services.

The search for new technologies and latest machinery is a continuous quest for our company in order to supply you with high quality. There is an ongoing innovation under our roof in shirt design and development, staying in the current and always up to date with the rapidly changing trends.

All our departments communicate in real time to ensure everything runs smoothly and swiftly by utilising current state of the art equipment and techniques. We invest in fully automated systems that allow us to level out and speed up the production runs with an increased pace and consistency.

shirt production technologies

Some of Our Prominent Technologies

Advanced digital printing applications we own allows for variety with fabric patterns and layered printing which in turn allows design to be more complex and provide the capacity to endlessly customise and to be able to apply on to fabric in a quicker and more precise respect.

The use of our latest digital puller attachment enables a smooth side seam finish, avoiding any possible puckering problems and give the shirt higher seem quality and durability. We also apply standardised interlining applications on the armhole to eliminate issues such as puckering at these parts as well.

We also possess automated placket fold machines that make it possible to follow up on reports of pattern matching especially on patterned fabrics, such as striped and checkered shirt fabrics. An easy way to ensure the quality of a patterned shirt is to see whether the pattern is lined up at some of the critical seams, such as at shoulder to sleeve, sleeve to sleeve, front plackets or pockets, etc.

The seam that brings together the button and shirt fabric is the most strained part of the shirt. Our automated button hole machines provide the latest shank wrapping techniques with Ascolite so the extra space between the button and the shirt fabric prevents buttons from falling off or breaking.

Thus we have the highest quality shirts down to the finest details to answer the demand from high quality brands.