Our distinguished and highly experienced production division works to provide its customers with above industry standard quality internalising and complying with recognised quality management systems. Our daily capacity of shirt production is 2000 pieces, and we exported 500,000 shirts worldwide within the year of 2016.  


shirt production

We keep up to date with the current trends in fashion and with technical advancements within our expert fields to better provide for the constantly changing trends and dynamic atmosphere of the industry and to meet the ever fluxing consumer demands. We do this by following current trade fairs worldwide, through regular web research on current developments, and our extensive supplier portfolio – shirt fabric, shirt accessories, technical equipment and connections to finest designers are but a few examples. We internalise these advancements and reflect them back on to our products, from the most vital details down to the parts that may be considered trivial; because details matter! We offer great workmanship to genuinely showcase the unique style of your brand. We know how to put together a shirt with the absolute care, attention and skill required.

Our production lines are equipped with automated and computer programmed machines as one of the standard bearers of high quality shirt production. Large part of this system is used in modelling design and development, and only a small part of the process is done by hand. What makes us stand out from the crowd is the standard of quality and the speed at which we complete and deliver your orders.

Diverse customer base from all corners of the world including Australia, Mexico, USA and Europe inspires us in our directions to innovate and create authentic new design combinations.

Quality control is applied at each stage of production rather than just at the end. Thus our quality control eliminates any product that does not comply with our quality standards, so no manufacturing or production based problems are reflected on the final batch with our rigorous contingency planning. We care immensely for customer satisfaction and the trust we build with our customers is of utmost importance, and these are the fundamental building blocks of our company perspective.


shirt production

We accept minimum orders of 200 pieces. Low order option is a highly sought after feature in the industry as not many companies have the means to provide you with this option.  We have the latest technology to provide you with high quality fabric design and development and shirt production options you request, from conception through  to shipment and delivery.

Our customer service platform will provide you with a very convenient one on one system to track your order from the order stage to its final abode, and you can see at what stage your order is at anytime.  We guarantee a speedy delivery with our smooth logistic and transportation.

You may visit our showrooms to experience and witness these latest advancements and to try new technologies first hand.