Shirt sample is the stepping stone and an essential part of shirt production, and a key element in the general sense of the pre-production processes within the fashion industry. We provide a complete sampling service including technical guidance on design and development for effective production of your shirt collection with colour palettes and moods boards you provide. Our design studio is at your service.

The sample quality is a good indicator on the abilities of a manufacturer. A good sample will alleviate the risks involved by representing the true quality, size and the look of the product.

shirt sample production

Our Shirt Sample Technology

The excellent skills of our sampling and production teams, and our production lines equipped with the latest technology will present you with consistency and ensure that you receive the optimum quality sampling service.

We will also bring innovative ideas and solution alternatives to the table at the sample stage that we think will enhance that particular shirt design. Sampling gives plenty of room to get the method just right. We pride ourselves on our approach to always producing the perfect shirt at the highest quality, and it is no different for sampling as we apply the same standards of quality each and every time, as promised.

It is important to provide strict standards of sample approvals thus we establish a powerful level of communication at each step so that all aspects of the shirt sample production process is understood and expectations are met in terms of the order at hand, so that everyone is on the same page before the work begins. Our expertise envelopes all areas and necessities of sample production.

We provide a wide variety of sampling services including mock up samples, development samples, pre-production samples, salesman samples, size-set samples and top of production samples (TOP). Pre-production shirt samples are the same as how the actual shirt is eventually going to be produced at mass production, and it is created with the source materials that are agreed upon with the customer at the order stage.

A physical sample of your potential shirt will show you how the details, trimmings, accessories work best together and provide an understanding of the desired fabric in terms of how thickness, drape and the stretch will manifest itself on the final product during the shirt production process.

The customer is not left to imagine how the pattern, the stripes on the fabric or the print will look on the finished product. It is possible to apply various patterns onto any fabric with the latest digital printing techniques we use. We then make it possible by applying the actual fabric pattern requested for the order at hand as a print onto the fabric for the sake of the sample. It is especially important to see for patterned fabrics such as checkered or striped fabric. This way we can have nice, clear and accurate representation so it is possible to see that particular shirt and that particular design as a sample in 3-4 days.


Shirt Sample Options Revisited

We can combine different parts of a shirt taken from other designs into one, such as bringing together the collar of a different shirt with the cuff of another with the stitching of a different shirt so you are able to observe alternatives and new solutions to the design at hand.

Collar, cuff, pocket and accessories can be added, removed, changed or developed in any way, shape or form as requested. Once you have decided on the final details such as the kind of shirt fabric to be used, needed and prefered shirt accessories, colour specifications, the trimmings etc., the size that can be graded up and down for good fit in all other required sizes to eliminate the sizing concerns, technical feasibilities assessed and finally the manifestations of these aspects for that particular fabric determined, the production run can begin. We are also able to work with different sizes and can apply these to the sample so you can see size grading of your products.

In addition to the actual sample we can produce mock up samples with different colours of the same fabric to show a rich variety of how the shirt would look with other colours of the same fabric as well as alternative ideas and developments to the design.

Additionally if the customer wants to use the same shirt fabric design for the trouser pockets or for the lining of the jacket, we will present the customer with ideas for these as well.

DORA offers a one stop solution for all your shirt sample requests by providing the smoothest possible in house sample production process.

We would love to know more to see how we may be of help to you so please feel free to contact us via our get in touch form. Alternatively you are welcome to visit us anytime.