Appearance plays a big role in the business world. Corporate shirts are a great way to enhance your brand so we work collaboratively with you to bring your ideas to life. We are very confident and experienced in designing and production of workwear shirts.

Customise your personnels’ shirts by adding the name of your company either as an intricate embroidered design or as a high quality durable print with the colours and/or the logo of your company. You can choose from a wide selection of already available styles, fits, colours, accessories, etc., that would match your office wear, corporate ware or work wear requirements and customize with your company name and/or logo.

workwear shirts manufacturer corporate

Attention to detail is one of our priorities so we are able to provide a vast selection of materials we have in our stocks; such as different kinds of buttons, shirt fabrics, shirt accessories as well as a variety of trims, forms and colours of your choosing for fully custom corporate shirts. Our customer base spans over several areas of business including hospitality, restaurants, yacht crew, sailing, factories, warehouses, etc.


We are aware that the number of shirts you require may be in low quantities depending on the size of your business. This is not a problem. No matter how big or small your business, you are free to order any number of shirts you need; 100, 50, 20, 10 or 3 pieces. At DORA, we design, produce and supply any number of shirts you need with no compromise on the quality we always promise our customers. Our company supplies high quality workwear shirts to businesses throughout the world. DORA is your reputable supplier, with its team of experts, fully committed to bring you the best workmanship, regardless of quantity.

We will produce with your logo and/or the name of your company embroidered or printed on to the shirts with no minimum order required. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread and/or yarn colours.

We advocate an evolving perspective and we are always up to date with the latest technologies in our expert fields including the corporate apparel industry, searching and designing new fits that always look impeccable but at the same time allow for comfort and convenience; the fabrics to provide such aspects, and designs for the unique visual representation of your company as we believe that the corporate shirts should complement the perspective of your business. Work with us for corporate shirts that measure up to the latest fashion trends, stylish yet practical to allow your personnel to do their job easily and comfortably.


workwear shirts manufacturer corporateThere are a few important points to consider ordering workwear shirts. The fabric and the fit need to be suitable for the working personnel, and the shirts should easily be maintained and also reflect the uniqueness and the perspective of your business. We work to achieve these for you by providing you with complete custom corporate shirt designs that are manufactured from scratch to final print and/or embroidery, and providing these aspects by preserving the highest quality is our job, and we do it very well.

We understand and anticipate your needs and provide the highest standard of service at every aspect of the relationship with our customers; be it with our expertise in the field, commitment to professionalism and hard work. This knowledge and experience sets us apart and makes it possible to expedite the production process and provide a speedy completion of the order at hand.

Through our bespoke password protected CUSTOMER SERVICE platform that has been designed uniquely for your convenience, you can check the status of your order from the word go to transportation and to the delivery of your products.